The Children's Pavilion and Interactive Landscape is pleased to make friends across children's places, schools, the public, industry, government and community-based organizations.  We especially seek the input of South Sudanese artists, singers, poets, filmakers, tinkerers and all those who still have the ability to dream.  We'd love to connect with people making similar efforts for children around Africa and in the developing world in general.  Jot us a line.   We'd love to hear from you!




Kids’ Tennis, South Sudan is a program for children, aimed at giving them all an opportunity to participate in a sporting activity.  Kids learn the basics of tennis and build their skills and fitness without being dependent on fully-functioning tennis courts.  This means that children can play and train on any flat surface (indoors or out), whether it be in a school, village or town. 

BRAVE    Republic of South Sudan
Building BRAVE (Building Resilient and Vibrant Environments) is an urban studies group that intends to honor, document and explore indigenous constructions and, occasionally, to propose innovations that will keep communities in charge of their built environment.

Mmofra Foundation   Ghana
Opening the world of ideas to children in Ghana and beyond, through literature, experiential learning, and exposure to the arts. Playtime in Africa is a pioneering initiative to design child-focused spaces which inspire creativity and culture in urban communities. 


xu 4 innovation    Cape Verde
Collaborating with professionals in Africa to propose an alternative view of the world in the fields of architecture, urban and environmental studies, graphic design, multimedia design, etcetera.

Weaver Group, Ltd.    Republic of South Sudan
A nationally owned and operated company.  Building and supplying South Sudan!

BENY Architecture, Ltd.   Republic of South Sudan
A nationally owned and operated company.  Designing and building South Sudan and contributing to the health of the nation through pro-bono work for projects such as the Children's Pavilion and Interactive Landscape. 












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