At the Children's Pavilion and Interactive Landscape, we believe that South Sudanese children, if properly nurtured, have the greatest potential to both embody and disseminate the vision and aspirations of their new country.  We also believe that through the power of their imaginations, children can achieve their dreams and help transform the physical and emotional landscape of the nation.  We operate under the motto that play is good and all things are possible in South Sudan!


Now we can also allow ourselves to dream....This is our dream and our task is to make it happen.  Our purpose is to give to our children what the war took away from us:  peace, rule of law, food, security, healthcare, good education, running water, electric power and the opportunity to pursue happiness and prosperity.  We must all work to give our children this hope and future.

President of the Republic of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit, February 2011, on the release of the Referendum Results




















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