Planned activities at the Pavilion include art, sports, film-watching, book making, games and mostly lots and lots of self-guided play.

While raising funds for the Pavilion, we've started a few simple, high-impact activities including:


These wheels are our secret weapon.  In keeping with our intention to reinterpret existing aesthetics, technology and TOYS!  we painted old bicycle frames bright colors and then went to town weaving string through them too.  Just wait until you see a whooooooooole bunch of these wheels in motion.  One fabulous burst of moving color and lots of happy children creating it!


Working with the theme of building -building a sense of self, building family, building community, building a nation, building a world, building a bright future-children will be provided with art material and locally-made cubes of scrap wood on which they will draw their vision of 

What Family/Independence/Freedom/South Sudan Looks

This artshop harnesses the ability of young children to think simultaneously in words, numbers, colors and images, and encourages 3-dimensional thinking and expression.  The capacity of children to share and trust each other and cooperate for a greater good is encouraged.

Some of the artwork will be available at  auction, others will be selected to comprise a planned collection of over 5000 artblocks.  This collection will be among the first and most important material for the National Children's Museum to come.  When the artblocks are assembled together, the totality will form a memorial and monument to the contribution of children - from all regions of the country- to the Liberation Struggle and realization of the dream of South Sudan.

carpenter extraordinaire 

Francis has been in the wood business for over 19 years and has a shop in Malakia Market on the way to Konyo Konyo. In addition to the fabulous artblocks for the CP, he is slated to produce the chairs, tables, shelves, display cases and outdoor play equipment for the Children's Pavilion and Interactive Landscape. We may even entice him to lead a few 3D artshops for kids!



Since Independence 2011, we've been collecting drawings from children around South Sudan and are compiling them into a book.   

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